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Delivery and Return

Delivery and Return

1.PLEASE NOTE: We have mentioned all sizing details in each product link with exact measures in centimeter, please check this before placing the order and to avoid any unhappiness thereafter.


2.Our QC system is very reliable, but unforeseen incidents might happen. In the case of wrong color or size or dislike the product, this situation does not support return or exchange.

3.If you receive a product and find that there are major quality problems, not caused by human or logistics. It will be greatly helpful if you send clear pictures of the defect.we will refund you 15 to 30 percent of the payment amount according to the situation.


4.Items in the event can't be cancelled. Items once shipped cannot be canceled.


5.Use cheapest tracked shipping options available in your country. In the case of an item being withheld at customs, we are not liable to pay for the tax/import duties of the item.